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Servants Of Change was founded by Stephen Pelletier, Rene Pivin and Stephen Pelletier Jr. Working from our home studio, we make original modern rock music to inspire the masses. Our band is based in Gilman, Vermont, but we're dedicated to spreading positive change across the globe.

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What makes our rock 'n' roll band special?

Servants Of Change was founded in order to create positive change. That's why:

We play only originals, not covers

We donate a portion of all proceeds to cancer research

We instill every song with meaning, and each song is based on a true story

We're dedicated to spreading peace, love and goodwill

We're open to hearing from any fans and fellow music lovers

Call us at 802-892-1226 now to learn more about our band or our upcoming album, "World on Fire".

Music is a powerful tool that can create great change when properly employed. Our band was started with the goal of creating powerful original music that comes from our hearts and souls. We want to put our skills and creative talents to good use, and the best way for us to do this is to create music that resonates with listeners.

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Changing the world, one song at a time